De la mirada a la palabra 

2017 Creation

There is nothing more intense and more dramatic than the show about these two dancers reunited on stage. Moisés Navarro is driven by this creative madness that makes him an out of the ordinary character. His dance is powerful and his energy is limitless! This man releases a bestial and striking sensitivity. Facing him, Ana Pérez is pushed by her ultimate artistic entrenchments… De la Mirada a la Palabra… From the first look to the revelation of everyone’s powerfully original discourse. The apparition of the two dancers makes us hold our breaths. The silence, before the storm of our senses… The confrontation of these two human beings is dazzling and with no concession. They canvass the infinite richness of their differences, for and with us. What is more different than a man and a woman? What is more beautiful than the infinite shock of this match? Ana and Moisés manage to transcent this art. With no doubt, this is some great Flamenco!


Danse : Ana PÉREZ, Moisés NAVARRO, Laura CORTES

Chant : Pepe DE PURA, Antonio LUQUE “Canito”

Guitare : Manuel GOMEZ, Pepe FERNANDEZ

Percussions: Javier TERUEL