2014 Creation

Flamenco is the celebration of the blend of many cultures. This is something that Andrés Marin has not omitted to use when the prestigious Biennale de Sévilleasked him to produce a show for its cycle Espaces singuliers. He takes this opportunity to finally work with two female dancers who could be completely different at first sight but for who performing flamenco with their respective cultures puts forward their similarities.

In Monocromo, that’s the music from Israel Fausto Mariniez, playing the cello that brings them together. However, they still evolve on stage in two different spaces. Thus entering into resonance, they end up meeting each other on a common ground. This reunion brings to life a type of Flamenco with lyrical and sensual accents that transforms the room into a poem about femininity.


Dancers and Choreographers : Cristina HALL et Ana PÉREZ

Cello : Israel FAUSTO

Artistic direction : Andrés MARÌN